Ten lucrative business and investment opportunities in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria
Are you seeking out in what to invest your cash and enjoy the dividends? If yes, see the Top 10 Most Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria.

Investment certainly is the act of  Laying out cash or capital in an enterprise with the expectancy of obtaining an additional profits or profit. Warren Buffet famously described investment as the method of laying out money now to get hold of extra money within the destiny.

From the definition, the goal of each funding is to make more profits, earnings whether or not one-time or continually, depending on the sort of funding. For example, if I buy a dozen biscuits with 500 naira and I plan to promote each biscuit for 70 naira, it means I would recognize 840 naira i.E. A further 340 naira.

This is investment. Similarly, if I start a barbing salon by renting a shop and buying barbing equipment for the business, I would be making an investment as well. The first instance is one-time even as the second is persistent.

The blessings of funding go beyond simply making earnings for the investor. Investments create jobs for the body of workers of an economic system: thereby, growing the same old of dwelling and improving economic boom. Accordingly, the President of Rwanda.
Paul Kagame, retorted: “In Africa today, we understand that exchange and funding, and not aid, are the pillars of development.” Thus investment is critical, yet risky since you can lose your capital if you do not make enough studies, take a look at and analysis earlier than shelling out coins.

The purpose of this article as a consequence is to offer you the investment thoughts which are evergreen in Nigeria. The industries in the listing below have in the past and nevertheless in the mean time proved investment-worthy.

A brilliant investor, consistent with Andrew Lo, wishes the proper mixture of intuition, business ideas and investment talent, is the requisite for investment:

Top 10 Most Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria
Food is for every season; it's far a primary necessity of life. People simply should devour! That’s why the meals enterprise is a cash spinner any day, every time!

You don’t need to be a chef as long as you have the capital and the managerial ability, you could begin some thing. This business is significant – buka/cafeteria, eateries/restaurant, fast meals and chops.

Rendering catering services at activities is another measurement of it. The correct element is that it isn't so capital-extensive if you begin small and develop it.

However, precise customer support and sound managerial talents are had to hold it afloat. You don’t need to lose customers to competitors.

Just like food, safe haven is a basic necessity of lifestyles. It is a need to-have. Capitalize on this want and make investments.

The housing industry incorporates the development, development and sale of homes. Thus it features actual estate; sale of creation substances like cement, blocks, ceramic, production tools and so forth.

We cannot cowl the scope of this industry. But what we know for sure is that each location of it is rewarding. Invest and make massive earnings. Read More: How To Start Real Estate Business Investment In Nigeria


Although the fashion enterprise is simply rising in Nigeria, its increase fee is thoughts-blowing.

According to Mrs. Funmi Ladipo-Ajila, the President of Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria (FADAN), the Nigerian style industry is worth greater than 2 trillion naira and it's miles nevertheless growing.

Now is the correct time to spend money on fashion. Do you have a passion for fashion? Learn it and get rich. And when you have the assets, funding budding younger style designers can yield lots. Read extra >> How to Start Fashion Boutique Business in Nigeria

Agriculture has always been a gravy teach specifically large scale. There are countless opportunities in agriculture though it's far capital intensive.

Taking a mortgage is worth the risk however because the demand for agricultural products everywhere in the global is on the excessive facet. In truth, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, the agricultural business has contributed not anything much less than 20% to the GDP due to the fact 2016.

Opportunities include rice farming, fowl farming, fishery, cash crop farming – cocoa, rubber, oil palm and so forth. A specific feature of the agribusiness is that its merchandise go into each other region of the financial system.

Nigerians don’t funny story with schooling specially on the primary and secondary degrees. And with the pathetic state of government schools, dad and mom choose non-public schools for their youngsters.

These days, legit number one and secondary schools rate lots in line with time period and mother and father pay! Starting up such now or later is a sound funding pass.

It will in reality pay as long as professionalism and satisfactory are not jeopardized. Private universities also rack in big quantities of cash and have turn out to be feasible options to the sluggish and unstable government universities.

It is now commonplace to peer kiosks, shops and huge buildings wherein cell phones, laptops, iPods, drugs and other gadgets are bought and swapped.

The gist is that the business yields a lot. Everyone needs a mobile smartphone, individuals and corporate groups want computers for operations, most youths can’t do with out their mp3 gamers and iPods neither can they pass a day with out their video games like the PlayStation, Xbox and many others.

Just like devices, the demand for cars is regular both from people and company corporations. For example, delivery organizations require buses to run.

Motorcycles are everywhere and those are nevertheless shopping for. Similarly, dealing in spare parts is rewarding. Vehicles are challenge to wear and tear and rather of purchasing another, changing the defective parts is the manner to move.
Investing both in vehicle dealership or spare parts is a possible investment circulate in Nigeria. It is however capital-extensive.

The Nigerian tune enterprise is extremely wealthy although it is still developing. Artistes are cashing out massive cheques as singles and albums are dropping and managers are smiling.

Venturing into the track industry does no longer require you singing. E-money doesn’t sing neither does Kenny Ogungbe but they're making it large proper inside the song industry.


Transport business in Nigeria particularly via road is nicely patronized: as a result, very worthwhile. Going big scale into it could be highly rewarding and really rapid in growth.

During festive durations, there may be no restrict to income because Nigerians journey plenty despite the same old inflated delivery charges.

This is the main purpose why there are various transport corporations all over Nigeria. The possibility is glaring and people are investing.

This is the advertising of businesses and their services and products on-line and through other virtual approach. In this era, every business needs the services of digital advertising companies to compete and thrive: as a consequence, they are in demand and they command huge paychecks. Investing in virtual advertising is amusing in addition to worthwhile.

There are many opportunities in Nigeria. If you look historically, what creates wealth is investment. So, invest, make wealth and be satisfied.


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