Problems of Agricultural industry in Nigeria

Problems of Agricultural Marketing in Nigeria

In this newsletter, we will study the Problems of Agricultural Marketing in Nigeria. Agricultural products are a completely vital a part of our lives as it's far the number one supply of each processed, unprocessed and raw meals product for both human beings and animals.

Agriculture also provides uncooked substances for the manufacturing of a few business items of fantastic significance i.E timber, rubber, wool, cloth, paper e.T.C The importance of agriculture to man and his surroundings cannot be over emphasised, consequently in this text, I will be searching into the methods and way wherein agricultural merchandise are distributed and marketed and also the demanding situations facing agricultural advertising in Nigeria.

Agriculture stays an essential quarter of the Nigerian economy in spite of the huge earnings generated from the sales of crude oil. Proper exploits of agriculture in Nigeria can offer the relatively unemployed population with an considerable degree of employment, income, food, in addition to uncooked substances for its industries.

But the act of  boosting the boom and development of agriculture in Nigeria have continually been overlooked as all recognition directed closer to crude oil.

This consequently has unavoidably led to the decline in agricultural production which in flip brought about shortage of meals and also continually affected agricultural merchandise marketing.

In easy terms, I will provide an explanation for agricultural marketing to be the process in which farmers do not forget their enter in terms of their output in different to restore a market charge that would be suitable to each the buyer and vendor.

In a broader sense, “agricultural advertising is infers the services concerned in shifting an agricultural product from the farm to the customer. It is also the making plans, organizing, directing and coping with of agricultural produce in the sort of way as to satisfy the farmer, manufacturer and the purchaser”.

There are several activities involved in agricultural advertising that are all associated with every other and usually called features of agricultural marketing.

They are listed and explained as follows:

1. Assembling
Collection of farm produce on the market. This is generally done to make sure greater convenience and financial system during transportation, grading or processing.

2. Grading
Grading involves keeping apart the commodities into different sizes, sorts, tastes, high-quality, coloration and so forth. This is done to enhance marketplace fee and uniformity.

3. Processing
Processing describes the transformation of farm produce right into a greater consumable shape. E.G conversion of wheat into flour.

4. Transportation
This is the movement of farm produce from the location of manufacturing to the place of final intake. Transportation of farm products is finished via diverse way consisting of road, rail, air, and water.

6. Storage
This is the act of preserving or conserving massive substances of produce from the duration of manufacturing until while wanted by way of the customers.

7. Packaging
Packaging is defined as the procedure by using which farm products are bundled or packed into containers of different attractive shapes, sizes and styles so that you can lure clients in addition to enhance income.

The countinous decline of agriculture in Nigeria has seemingly led to severe scarcity of food within the us of a. This predicament has led to the astronomical upward push within the costs of food and other agricultural merchandise.

Several problems that weren’t properly dealt with through the Nigerian authorities glaringly led to the decline in agriculture, examples are overpopulation, loss of irrigation facilities, issue in acquiring lands for farming, insufficient investment for agricultural improvement, lack of security, bad transportation centers, loss of garage and processing centers, attention on crude oil and many other reasons are responsible for the exercise of agriculture specially at subsistence degree in Nigeria.

Also, the discovery of oil in Nigeria in addition brought about the decline in agricultural practices. A decline which transformed to scarcity of food and additionally the destabilization and disorganization of the rural marketing machine. An organized advertising system will no longer simplest make sure better returns to the farmer but also stabilize the market expenses and also protect the hobby of each the customers and manufacturers.

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But in Nigeria, it's miles a pity that agricultural advertising and marketing isn't always nicely organized and this has made farmers and manufacturers encounter lots of problems. Below are a number of the difficulties facing agricultural advertising and marketing in Nigeria:

1. Lack of Transportation Facilities
This is one of the most important obstacle facing efficient advertising of agricultural products because the rural areas in which maximum of the farmers live lack motorable roads. This reduces the quantity of farm products allotted and also reduces performance. The function of transportation in a supply chain and distribution can't be overemphasized.

It additionally leads to postpone of farm merchandise in accomplishing the market, shortage as well as growth in the costs of farm products because the price of transportation could be very high and as a end result, the farmers inflates the prices in order to get most go back on their output.

2. Poor Quality of Product
This arises from unavailability of stepped forward seeds and fertilizers which therefore reduces the pleasant of manufacturing and subsequently ends in low market fees and choice for imported merchandise.

3. Long Chain of Middlemen
The journey of agricultural products to the palms of the final patron is commonly worried with long chains of middlemen which includes wholesalers, brokers, retailers, outlets and lots more.

The agricultural items pass thru all these human beings earlier than they attain the very last customer. Sadly, because it passes via every person, the fee increases and simplest the customer bear’s the brunt.

4. Lack of Credit Facilities
In Nigeria, it is very hard for neighborhood uneducated farmers to access credit score centers made to be had with the aid of the authorities and on events where such budget are on hand, it is not good enough to meet the farmer’s requirement.

So the poor farmers lodge to borrowing cash from personal cash creditors at several harsh and detrimental conditions which therefore impacts the fees of agricultural goods because the farmers additionally try to make earnings even as additionally seeking to repay loans from the proceeds.

Five. Inconsiderate Revenue Collection
The authorities challenge farmers to thoughtless sales series. This fashion is practiced in each country of Nigeria. The farmers are anticipated to pay as tons as ₦10000 in each state they bypass via with their goods.

Now, believe the massive amount a farmer has to element with in a situation in which he has to transport his farm produce from the northern part of the country to the south and he has to pass through seven states before reaching his destination.

This trend is very bad for the countries agricultural sector as it poses a extremely good hassle for the green advertising and marketing of agricultural merchandise. It is also one of the reasons answerable for the countinous upward push in costs of meals products throughout the kingdom.

6. Lack Of Storage Facilities
Most agricultural items are without problems perishable. Their production is likewise seasonal however they may be demanded in the course of the yr. This implies that agricultural goods want to be stored properly in order that they can be made available to purchasers at the proper time.

The farmers in Nigeria commonly lack garage facilities. Absence of the wanted garage centers forces the farmers to sell their merchandise as early as viable, as a way to keep away from spoilage, even if it method promoting at a completely low rate.

7. Unstable Measurement System
In various parts of the u . S . A ., the manner wherein agricultural products are measured for the duration of the technique of purchasing and selling differs and this influences agricultural advertising in Nigeria.

Eight. Lack Of Market Information
Most farmers in Nigeria are uneducated and consequently realize nothing about the market conditions. Therefore maximum farmers are unable to determine the actual fees of their products and are usually oblivious of new trends in agriculture as they may be now not uncovered to the modern-day techniques of searching for facts.


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