Burna Boy states That He Is Not A Rapper Or Singer for reasons below

Burna Boy said: “I’m not a rapper, or a singer, I’m not even an Afrobeats singer, I’m an Afro-Fusionist, it’s a spiritual genre of music, it just comes. You get chosen and it just works out for you.”
The singer further explains: “It’s fusion because it’s everything. Whatever the spirit decides, that’s what it’s going to be.”Burna Boy also disclosed that he has executed “1,000,000” collaborations with worldwide artistes, which include Grammy winners.
And in his common self-assured manner, the singer added that he “by no means approached” any of the humans he’s labored with.
He stated a number of the recordings will be released in 2017.
“I’ve done a million of them, you’re going to hear too many next year, it’s not a secret, there are features with Grammy winners and all that,” he said.
“I’ve never actually approached people before, I think that’s what happens when you’re original and real, you get me? There’s going to be an attraction when your style is clear.”


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