“Be Fearless” – Serena Williams writes Powerful Essay on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Serena Williams writes Essay calling for Equal Pay for Black Women - BellaNaija

Serena Williams writes Essay calling for Equal Pay for Black Women - BellaNaijaIn an essay for Fortune, 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams referred to as for same pay for black women.

She wrote the essay on July 31, which is the Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

She says the greater wide variety of months it takes a black woman to make what a man makes in a year is an average of 8 months.

She wrote the essay “to deliver attention to the truth that black women earn 17% less than their white lady opposite numbers. Black girls are 37 cents in the back of guys inside the pay gap—in other words, for each greenback a person makes, black ladies make sixty three cents.”

She notes that the unequal pay isn’t only a truth for low-paying jobs, as black girls earn less even in generation, finance, enjoyment, regulation, and remedy.

“Even black girls who have earned graduate stages receives a commission much less at every level. This is as true in inner cities as it's miles in Silicon Valley. This is as genuine in internal cities as it is in Silicon Valley,” she says.

Serena does understand her privilege, pronouncing: “I am within the uncommon function to be financially a hit beyond my creativeness. […] But nowadays isn’t about me. It’s about the other 24 million black girls in America. If I by no means picked up a tennis racket, I could be one among them; that is in no way lost on me.”

She calls for employees to call for extra from their employers, announcing it is the handiest way the wage gap can be included. She said:

Changing the GAME will take committed action, rules, enterprise popularity, and courage for personnel to call for more. In short, it’s going to take all people. Men, ladies, of all shades, races and creeds to comprehend that is an injustice. And an injustice to 1 is an injustice to all.

Serena Williams also asked black women to speak up, urging them to be fearless. She stated:
Black women: Be fearless. Speak out for equal pay. Every time you do, you’re making it a little easier for a woman behind you. Most of all, know that you’re worth it. It can take a long time to realize that. It took me a long time to realize it.
“In celebration of Equal Pay Day for Black Women, I partnered with SurveyMonkey to find out Americans’ opinions on the pay gap,” she wrote adding “The response was powerful. Here are the key findings:
  • Sixty-nine percent of black women perceive a pay gap, while just 44% of white men recognize the issue.
  • Nearly two-thirds of black women say that major obstacles remain for women in the workplace.
  • In addition to gender, black women see obstacles to racial equality: three-quarters of black women workers say there are still significant hurdles holding back minorities.
  • Still, some black women remain optimistic: more than 43% of black millennial women believe men and women have equal opportunities for promotion.


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