B2b eCommerce opportunity in Nigeria

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How We Created a Successful B2B Ecommerce Platform in Nigeria
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Terser – Can you describe Cokodeal, the idea and concept as though I knew nothing approximately it or the marketplace?

RAYMOND – Cokodeal is a web B2B ecommence platform where in Nigerian small-scale manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, wholesalers and craftsmen can promote merchandise and hook up with customers locally and globally. To function on Cokodeal you have to create an online self-managed save, add photos of your products, and sell them throughout all cokodeal’s merchandising platforms, which encompass the cokodeal.Com on line marketplace, social media, blogs, newsletters and on-line exhibition.

Terser – How turned into the concept of Cokodeal conceived, and the way did making a decision that B2B ecommerce platform became wanted in Nigeria?

RAYMOND – The idea changed into birthed out of the sturdy perception and choice that Africa is not simply all approximately patron market however it's miles a continent endowed with awesome sources to participate inside the global market.

Africa shouldn’t be an item of pity and overseas resource but a centre for global trade. Over the years we've got seen the foreigners come and discover our lands, they could visit villages and pay peanuts in alternate for our cocoa, granites and so forth. We are pronouncing we must additionally be in the deliver chain; Nigerians also can discover these resources and sell on cokodeal.Com.

We can assist our local producers discover that there are resources they could need of their production. Yes, it became slow, we built the multiplatform to assist its on-line operation, and signed up businesses.  We then advertised it the use of social media, and grew an target market that helped develop the platform.

Terser – How might you describe the journey to date?

RAYMOND – It’s been a actual adventure and a mission jogging a enterprise in Nigeria that requires a lot of fees that don’t immediately add fee to the enterprise. These charges can quickly erode the company’s sales, and if it’s no longer sustainable, the company can no lo exits.

We have additionally learnt plenty approximately how rich Nigeria is and the incredible untapped possibilities and resources.

We’ve also seen that cokodeal which become conceived 4 years ago is a timely solution in a duration whilst Nigeria is beginning to recognise we want to start generating to develop and diversify our financial system. As it became visible on social media “Made in Nigeria” and #buynaijatogrowthenaira campaign on twitter.

Terser – What are the advantages for customers the usage of Cokodeal over any other B2B ecommerce platform in Nigeria?

RAYMOND – Cokodeal is the largest promoter of Nigerian-made items within the international. While you would discover in large part imported items on different ecommerce structures in Nigeria, the products on show on cokodeal marketplace are made through Nigerian businesses.

Cokodeal has a huge social media campaign, which continues increasing by way of the day and a devoted creative team to guide our subscribers to draw more customers.

Cokodeal accepts agro merchandise, wholesale goods, and goods at the platform are sourced from different African countries, which allows consumers to have higher desire of products.

Lastly, due to the fact Cokodeal connects companies past Nigeria, other nations like Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya can supply items from Nigeria through our platform.

Terser – How crucial has teamwork been in contributing to the startup thus far?

RAYMOND – Being a startup with a strong group is beneficial. It has helped us paintings quicker, execute and go out thoughts with flexibility thereby bypassing paperwork in our approach to executing ideas.

We also have far flung employees and we've applied clear communication strategies to permit us to achieve unique purpose. Our assignment has stored us stimulated and kept our ft at the floor as we recognise we’re simply starting and there’s a long way to head. This keeps us robust, inspired and humble.

Terser – Is your market confined to Nigeria and do you've got any plans to make bigger your attain in the close to future?

RAYMOND – Our market attain is not restricted to Nigeria. Nigeria became our market entry factor. We need to cover all main commerce change international locations in Africa. Our vision is to connect inter-intra Africa alternate to worldwide marketplace.

Terser – What Future initiatives can we see Cokodeal involved in?

RAYMOND – Cokodeal might appearance to empower local companies in Africa to do extra alternate (within and to international market) via accomplishing online change exhibitions for business connections.

Other aspects consist of facilitating credit centers in form of gentle loans to support business humans to alternate greater. Lastly supporting enterprise humans to enter new markets via forming joint ventures for comparable corporations, whilst supporting connect them to potential traders.

Terser – African startups and corporations are presently receiving loads of international interest, what areas of commercial enterprise do you feel African startups need to improve with the intention to satisfy their promising capability?

RAYMOND – Customer provider and accept as true with. Also for startups to reveal it'll be worthwhile, as we're properly knowledgeable approximately many startups which have notable thoughts however very little strong sales commercial enterprise version. African startups want which will show that it's far worthwhile to launch a commercial enterprise in Africa.

Terser – And what might be your advice to younger individuals who are passionate about starting a enterprise agency in Africa?

RAYMOND – Truth be informed, enterprise and startups is not for everybody. If you’re now not ready for it mentally and physically, don’t begin in any respect. Be equipped to pay the fee to accomplishing your vision till you see it to the end. Work with a terrific group, ask for assist, maintain studying and preserve growing.


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